Just about every time we answer the phone, one of the top 3 sentences is “Uggh I hate moving”. Trust me you are not alone, even we do not like to move. There is always a lot to get done in what seems to be a very short amount of time.

Your mover are here to help. Not only can we take a lot of the work load of your plate, but we also make an excellent sounding board. We hear and see it all, from the right way to the wrong way we can give you some advice, service and relief!

The first rule of not hating your move, is hire a PRO, and by that I don’t mean, pick the guy who gives you the best price. More times than not they are not professional movers, and will give you a great deal but that’s about it. Nothing ads stress to a move more than watching your items be miss handled.

Yes, you may feel good right away when the price tag seems “fair”. Do your homework? Check out their Facebook, Yelp, Instagram. What does the crew look like, are they five star? If their Instagram is full of puppies and crews with band t-shirts, run don’t walk.  They want likes, and puppies get you likes but not quality work. I admit you might see my dog on our Instagram, but what you will see for sure is us working hard.

The second thing I can say is, out source, yes hire other people.

You are probably saying, “I can pack myself” or “I moved myself in here”. We are sure you can, but do you want to do it again? How long has it been, some will say 20 years.. that’s a lot of accumulation! We all have that dark closet with Christmas decor and board games. One look in that closet and you shut the door!

Hire a professional, someone who will sort it out, maybe they don’t put it in a box for you but they can gather your items into, keep, donate, sell piles a lot faster. Why because when you have someone on the clock, you tend to get stuff done. Some crews will do it all for a very fair price and even take the donation pile away for you!

Hire your movers packing crew! Yes we know you can do it! The trade off? Time, who wants to go get boxes (you will go more than once), who wants to wrap up every plate in the cupboard, or figure out how to wrap up the family portrait? How do I pack this sculpture I paid a lot of money for?

Another really good point about hiring your movers to pack your boxes. The movers insurance will cover the contents , YES, I’m letting you know right now, when you pack your own boxes, our insurance does not cover your packing. No moving company does, its a complete separate insurance plan to cover the contents of your boxes if you pack them.

Plan ahead, you know your lease is coming to expiration, or your ready to down size, perhaps you just don’t like the area you live in. New job has you moving to a new area. There are so many reasons we move,    so the minute you start looking for a place to go, start looking for your movers. Don’t wait for the last two weeks to start planning and prepping your move, get after it. 10 boxes a day could have you ready to go in no time! Plus it’s a great chance to get rid of the things you just don’t use. Maybe you don’t pack the boxes but you sure as heck can narrow down the chaos . Start in the spot you dread the most, then guess what, the fear is gone (LOL). Keep calm and start sorting.

Realator.com gave a list of the thing MOVERS hate to move, because no one really likes to move, we included the link, here: I Hate Moving

If you have some of these items in your home, think about the suggestions they have. Gym equipment is one of the most awkward things to move, hiring a pro to disassemble it can save you money and frustration when you watch the movers struggle for an hour with “how does this come apart?” They will thank you! Please remember, Ikea furniture is not the most solid thing on the planet, sometimes it just doesn’t hold up to moving. If you can take it apart pre-move, do it and put all the parts in a zip lock bag. You might just decide its not worth taking at all! Lets face it putting it back together could be worse with stripped holes and no instructions, your movers could spend an hour on just that piece! (We’ve seen it happen).

Last but not least, hire a cleaning crew, when you move out of a rental or the house you sold, it will need cleaning, and NO ONE wants to do that after leaving the house for the last time, you just want to be done. Call a company that you use regualarly or a national brand that can be trusted to do a great job. Again, hire a pro, they have a name to live up to, insurance, workers comp and background checked employees. Trust me when we tell you they don’t want a complaint or bad review so they are more likely to do a good job. Molly Maids  Link