Moving is one of the most stressful events in your life — even if it’s a commercial move or office move. Having your items torn down and reassembled takes time away from your work, which, depending on your job, could be extremely stressful if you fall behind.

RL Relocation Moving Services helps companies and business move their office or industrial space in the greater Orange County area. We are efficient, prompt, and caring. As a full-service moving company, we’ll pack up everything, load it up, transport it for you, unpack your items, and then haul away all the packing materials — which is just one benefit of hiring a stellar office moving company. There are many other reasons to hire a commercial and office moving company. Below, we’ll discuss just a few of these. Contact us today!


  1. Protect your valuables. If you’re one of those who thinks packing involves throwing items in boxes and taping it shut, then odds are you’ve experienced a lot of broken items during transport. Packing boxes for moving is an art form per se, meaning that it takes practice and time to learn how to efficiently pack a box so items are protected inside. Furthermore, our moving team at RL Relocation Moving Services is trained to properly pick up heavy items, such as computers, printers, and filing cabinets with good form, thereby minimizing the chance of injury. When your employees try to move heavy items when they are inexperienced in doing so, they can get hurt.
  2. Provides the tools. Professional movers have the tools to get the moving job done quickly and efficiently. We have the dollies, loaders, and packing supplies to minimize movement and shifting during transport. We also take care to organize your office equipment in a way it makes sense.
  3. Relieves stress. Moving is stressful enough. However, when you hire a moving company such as RL Relocation Moving Services, you take a lot of stress and pressure off your employees so they can concentrate on doing their job with minimal loss of productivity.

RL Relocation in Orange County is passionate about making your commercial or office move seamless. Contact us today for a free moving estimate!

What We Offer

RL Relocation is a full-service company, we can provide moving services for commercial spaces, and offices spaces.

No matter how large or small we can do small start-up to Corporate Relocation. We can also provide after hours moving services to ease the impact on the daily work environment.

We also provide full pull pack services, break down and set up. We also do debris and donation removal services. We are fully licensed and insured we provide a friendly trained staff to help with all of your moving needs.