Local Within 50 Miles of Your Location

Local moves are just that, anything that is less than 50 miles from your current location.

We include furniture break down and assembly, wardrobe boxes for use the day of the move and pad wrap all the items that need protecting. In addition, we provide floor, door and railing protection so we not only prevent tracking in dirt but also prevent nicks and dings to walls, floors doorway and stair rails.

We wrap most furniture BEFORE it leaves the house so it is well protected and does not get scuffed or bumped on the way out or in.

California Interstate Moves

California intrastate moves are considered long distance they are outside the 50- mile radius of a local in-state move.

These are typically treated like any other long-distance move, considering the size of the state, some of these moves can actually take longer than moving another state that borders ours.