Custom built crating is available on request, done in-house by a team of professionals we size and create the crate for your needs. If you have a long distance move and have valuable art, statutes, light fixtures such as chandeliers, or electronic equipment we highly recommend crating those items to eliminate the threat of damage.

We can crate for any move, however, local moves may not need this service as frequently, unless it is a large canvas or special piece that otherwise risks damage. We also recommend crating for storage.

This is specialty service that is typically outsourced by moving companies but RL Relocation can incorporate this into your moving quote.

Piano Moving

For most pianos, it is necessary to remove components such as the lid and tuning pedals and properly pack them before moving.

  • Grand piano, 7 feet in length
  • Baby grand piano, typically 5–6 feet in length
  • Upright piano, 4 feet or taller
  • Studio piano, approximately 45 inches tall
  • Spinet or console piano

Stairs mean more work and higher risk for piano movers when it comes to safely transporting pianos. As well as sharp turns, and narrow doorways, these are all things to consider about both locations when moving a piano.

Tip: Make sure it will fit into the new location

We do recommend having the piano tuned after it has been moved, we don’t have the ear for that.

Other Services

Please feel free to ask us about any other service you may need. Such as debris removal (have us come back and pick up your empty boxes and paper), donations, safe moving, pool tables, and car transportation. If it’s not on the list we will see what we can do. We are here to help. Let us bear some of the load.