We here at R.L Relocation are avid pet lovers, and wanted to include an article about pets and moving. We thought it best to leave it to the pro's. This article was written for the ASPCA website and can be found there. But we thought we would bring it to light here as well! Moving to a new home may be one of the most stressful life events you’ll ever have to tackle. But in the chaos of cardboard…Read More

  2. Tips for Long Distance Moves

    Get your packing supplies in order. Check out craigslist for used boxes, even free boxes. Lots of people post them there, if you get an early start you can be ahead of the game. Remember more is more when you are moving. Also consider having the pro's do it, it might cost a little more but it is worth ever bit of the piece of mind! Start early, pack things you don't need or use ASAP, like winter c…Read More

  3. Fine Tune Your Yelp Request

    ReA  few things to consider... Trust Moving companies have reviews, those reviews are written by the clients, whether they are organic or not is truly up in the air. I had one client tell me he only read the bad reviews, because they good reviews are already there. The bad reviews may tell you a bit more about what could go wrong with even the best of companies. That being said some people protes…Read More

  4. “I Hate Moving”

    Just about every time we answer the phone, one of the top 3 sentences is "Uggh I hate moving". Trust me you are not alone, even we do not like to move. There is always a lot to get done in what seems to be a very short amount of time. Your mover are here to help. Not only can we take a lot of the work load of your plate, but we also make an excellent sounding board. We hear and see it all, from th…Read More

  5. Moving & Packing Tips 101

    There are 100 articles out there on how to prep for a move, in this article we are going to go over the basics. I have noticed some of the sites are giving too much information moving is already stressful enough, we don't need to go into overload! One of the most important things to remember, let the movers worry about the moving! We see it all the time, the home owner is trying to be one step ah…Read More