RL Relocation is a full-service company, we offer full home packing, particle packing, specialty packing for artwork or breakables. We also offer unpacking services and debris removal, meaning we will unpack your boxes and take the trash with us.

We can also manage any downsizing that needs to be done, remove unwanted items for donation, and help manage some of the tasks that might slow you down, also free up some more time for you to accomplish other tasks.

White Glove

We also offer unpacking services that range from particle to full, and one step further, white glove. White glove is a full unpack that includes putting items away in their designated locations, everything from linens to dishware. And of course, we take all the mess with us.

Loading Pods, AFB, and Storage Units

We also offer a loading service, provide brown paper wrapping of furnishings, and labor. We do not include any moving blankets, or straps to tie off the load. This is a basic service done by a professional loading team who will make sure they get the best use out of your space. Often when people load their own shipments they either run out of room or end up with uneven loads, this causes things to shift around and can be the cause of damage when you get to the other end.

We can also pack your home for this service this often makes for fewer boxes and better packing. Something to consider when you’re are trying to save some money on material and space.