There are 100 articles out there on how to prep for a move, in this article we are going to go over the basics. I have noticed some of the sites are giving too much information moving is already stressful enough, we don’t need to go into overload!

  1. One of the most important things to remember, let the movers worry about the moving! We see it all the time, the home owner is trying to be one step ahead of the game. Trust me, the movers have made a plan and asked the important questions on the walk through. Let them do the work, they will ask you questions if they need you, but for the most part they have a game plan, and are ready to execute. If something comes up, please let the foreman know so he can delegate the actions.
  2. Moving is stressful, so be prepared to help yourself through it. Make a list, Prep an over night bag (nothing worse than sorting through a box when all you want to do is sleep). Pack your bedding in an easy to find place, and make the bed as soon as it’s been assembled, again no hide and seek at the end of the day.
  3. Label your boxes on the side, not the top. When the movers stack the boxes on the truck, they can not see the top of the box. Labels on the side make it easier to unload to the right room, and also tell the mover if its fragile. Use your words, “fragile”, “lamp shade” “do not crush” Sometimes saying what’s in the box can be more useful then just putting what room it belongs too, especially if it’s a light item.
  4. If your packing, make sure to know movers are not liable for the contents of a box packed by the owner. Reason? well for the most part home owners are not packing professionals and there is a lot of room for error here folks. Most important thing to note, when you are packing a bunch of loose items pack the box tight as possible. Use paper to fill holes in the box, use towels to pad the bottom of a box and the top. When you think it’s full close the lid and give it a gentle shake, if you hear or feel movement… more paper.
  5. Do not stuff a large box full of books, and do not waste a small box with tea towels. Large boxes are great, people tend to jam them full of things, its one thing to put 30 towels in one box, it a whole other to put 30 books in there. Small boxes are for heavy items, large boxes are for light and bulky items. Dishes get packed vertically, and books get packed in small numbers. Avoid breaking your back, or having the bottom drop out of an over weight box.
  6. Start early, be ready, donate, let go and get moving (haha). So many times we hear the words, “I don,t know what to do with this thing.” Hearing that on moving day just slows down the process, or leads to moving something you don’t need or want. You can save time and money by getting rid of things you don’t need, packing things into boxes way ahead of time will help you sort out your needs and wants much earlier in the process. Also, if its valuable, write it down, make a note of its value, in fact make a list of all the valuable items with a price. All moving companies can offer you a valuation protection plan or third party insurance.
  7. The last tip I can give here, is be up front with the movers, if you didnt get it packed, that’s OK, if you forgot to mention something tell them as soon as you can. Don’t expect your movers to do things for free. If you need your art work packed, that fine. But it’s not for free, especially last minute notice. Too often we see people leaving things to the last minute, ” oh I forgot”, it’s not a big deal, but just remember your quote was based on the service requested. Packing artwork or disconnecting appliance often carry extra charges. And can also eat into the time of an hourly rate. Your crew wants to work hard and do the best the can, how does that saying go “..the more you know..”? We want to work with you and are here to help. We know not everything will go as planned, there might be a bump in the road nothing a good crew of movers can’t over come. We come ready to work with a smile and plan to take on the day with one goal in mind. The customer is number ONE.