This will be pretty straight forward. The reason we want to get this out there? Most local moving companies are not legitimate, tax paying, workers comp holding, governed by the state moving companies!

Yes I said it, I think one serious misunderstanding is that if a company is on Yelp, or has their name on a truck they must be legitimite.

Anyone can form an LLC and anyone can pay to have a logo made and put on a truck. Here are a few things you should look for.

1. Do they have a D.O.T or Cal T number under that business name

2. Do they carry insurance? Moving companies must carry a million dollar liability insurance! And workers compensation.

3. Do they show up wearing their favorite work shirts? Or do they have actual company shirts

4. Do they want to work on a cash basis only?

5. Are they providing a written estimate?

6. Are they approved by the B.B.B? This maybe an old school rating system, but the BBB will only promote companies who are licensed and insured.

One of the most important things you can do is check them out online. We are all controlled to some extent by our state licensing and that can be checked out below, all you have to do is type in the company name or ID number and it will let you know if they have actually provided the right steps to call themselves a moving company.

Why do we care? A few reasons. We don’t want to see you get ripped off, what if they break something? How will you be able to reclaim the loss if it’s just two men and some rental truck? It takes real work, time and money to be a registered moving company. If they didn’t take the right steps , how can you be sure they will care about your move? These bum movers give the whole industry a bad name, people cringe when they hire movers, most everyone has a story. This makes it hard for us to shine, you get what you pay for just remember that.

We worked hard to become a legitimate moving company, we pay taxes, workers compensation, and quarterly to the state! Our overhead is no joke, so we want you to know WE WORK HARD TO BE HERE!

Too many times we have heard, “the last movers broke it.” Inevitably I ask ” did they pay for it??” The most comon answer is NO. You cannot chase down a company that does not exsist, did not provide a contract, valutaion protection options, or have you sign a binding agreement.

Check out the governing website for your state, here in California, it is currently the PUC,P36_CARRIER_TYPE:MTR,MTR