Most of us have moved at some point in our lifetime. Moving is stressful and hard. From packing up everything you own, loading it up, unloading it, and then unpacking, moving is time consuming and exhausting.

If you are moving in the near future, consider hiring the best moving service in Orange County, RL Relocation Moving Solutions. We are a full-service, professional moving company whose mission is to take the stress out of moving, so you can enjoy the end game — your new home! Call us today for a moving estimate.


  • Takes the stress out of the picture. When you hire a professional mover, the moving company does all the dirty work. Once you hire the moving company, your main job is to be at your home to unlock the door while the moving company does the rest.
  • Protect your valuables. How many of us have moved ourselves in the past, only to have something break (sometimes it’s something we treasure)? A professional mover is an expert in packing and unpacking your valuables and at moving them.
  • Reliability. How many of us have moved ourselves in the past and lined up our friends to help, only to have our friends not show up on moving day? Professional movers are reliable and trustworthy, ensuring your items are kept safe. Furthermore, the movers are trained in how to move your belongings effectively and efficiently, further smoothing the move for you.
  • Do the burden of heavy lifting. How many of us have moved our couch or bed and hurt ourselves in the process? Professional movers are trained in lifting heavy objects in order to avoid injury. There are always multiple movers when RL Relocation Moving shows up at your door, relieving the burden of heavy lifting. We utilize dollies and other lifting devices if need be. Furthermore, when you move odd objects without experience, you are opening yourself up to trips, falls, and possible broken bones.
  • Saves you time. If you’ve ever packed up your own house for a move before, you know it can take weeks. When you hire professional movers, they can accomplish the same amount of work in less than half the time. Professional movers are quick, efficient, and timely. RL Relocation Moving prides itself on getting the moving job done on your schedule when you need it most. And while your professional moving company is packing and moving your items, you can take care of all the other logistics of moving such as setting up utilities, changing addresses, and meeting with the cable guy.
  • Your items are insured. In the event an item does break (it does happen since we’re all human), your item is covered under the moving company’s insurance. Coverage varies, but this is not available when you do-it-yourself.
  • Saves you money. Yes, you read that correctly. Moving companies can be pricey, depending on how many material possessions you have. However, most people underestimate how much DIY moves actually cost. Renting a moving van, feeding your friends who show up to help, replacing broken items, gas, and dollies and other miscellaneous moving equipment you’ll need all add up. Throw in how much you believe your time is worth, and odds are you will most likely pay more in DIY moves than hiring a professional mover.

RL Relocation Moving Solutions of Orange County wants to make our moving experience enjoyable and stress-free. When you hire us, we’ll ensure your needs are met from start to finish. With open communication always available, we’ll keep you informed of every step in the moving process. Our mission is to make your move easy. Contact us today!